CIP United

  • The first 32/64-bit micro processor series in China with complete instruction set architecture (ISA) and RTL source codes

  • Advantages in ISA, performance efficiency, power consumption and ubiquity

  • The most complete processor portfolio: CPU, GPU, TPU, DPU etc. for different applications and market segments

  • Experienced teams in design service/IC design/PCs & servers solutions

  • The first China self-developed ISA by domestic universities and institutes best fit to Linux and tailored for specific Chinese application software


Design Service & IP Licensing

  • Complete ECO with excellent PPA

  • New generation cores with multi-modes

Circuit Board

China ISA & Processors

  • MIPS-based domestic ISA

  • PC and server by domestic institutes


China Super Computing

  • Multi-threading

  • Multi-issue

  • Multi-core

  • Multi-cluster for ultra-high computing power


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About Us

CIP United is an IP provider and ASIC design service company founded by veterans from well-known semiconductors and IC design companies in China (including Asian operations) and USA. Co-founder KC Shih is the founder of Faraday Technology and Global Unichip, two most successful ASIC design service companies in the semiconductor industry. CIP United focuses on value-added services for advanced SOC designs from architecture definition to turnkey delivery.


The Founders

Rosemary Ho

Co-founder & CEO

•上海芯联芯智能技术有限公司 董事长
•源创芯动董事长 CIP 董事长
•电子行业领袖级人物, 美中經營30年

K.C. Shih

Co-founder & COO

•毕业于美国麻省理工学院, 从业近50年,创立并经营过两家上市公司 (创意电子,智原科技),享誉国际芯片设计服务教父美誉。
•2017 年智原、创意相加营业额约40亿元人民币,市值100亿元人民币左右。现任灿芯半导体(上海)有限公司(中芯国际转投资)执行董事。



April 11, 2019 - CIP United has obtained exclusive MIPS license rights for mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

May 9, 2019 - 拥抱开源,MIPS迎来成长新机遇


芯联芯评论“后Wave Computing时代”的MIPS未来 - 宣布两代衍生处理器IP研发计划


Wave Computing 将在MIPS 核芯中增加RISC–V 支持

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